1. Institute:

The training will be conducted at Odisha Forest Rangers College,Angul

2. Duration of the Course:

The duration of the course shall be eighteen months training programme leading to award of certificate in forestry. There shall be a term break of 30 days during the course. The time of term break shall be fixed by the Director, OFRC, Angul. The entire course will be covered in two phases.

3. Syllabus:

Detail training syllabus will be maintained as per the Entrance & Training Rules (Revised) 2004 for Forest Range Officers issued by Director,Forestry Education as per Annexure-II.

As per the approved syllabus (Annexure-III), there will be 19 no of subjects covering both theory & practical. They will be covered in 2 phases, with 9 subjects in the first phase & 10 subjects in second phase.

Examination will be held for total 3600 marks for subjects covered under syllabus. Besides, there will be marks for tour exam, field exercise, viva voce & conduct, the abstract of which is given bellow.

Sl No Items 1st Phase 2nd Phase Total
1 Written Exam 1750 1850 3600
2 Tour Exam 600 400 1000
3 Field Exercise 200 200 400
4 Viva voce 200 200
5 Conduct Marks 250 250
Total 2550 2900 5450

At the end of the course final order of merit will be prepared based on the marks obtained in examination & assessments.

The course content as prescribed by MoEF& CC will be forwarded. As regards additional inputs, the recommendation of Training Board will be followed.