4.The Course:

The course so covered will be a residential course with hostel facility. All the trainees will be accommodated in the college hostel & will have to remain in the hostel throughout the training period. They shall have to abide by the hostel rules & are not allowed to keep their families in the hostel.
The trainees will have a self-run mess which will work through a mess committee. The mess committee will be changed every month, so that all the trainees will get the opportunity to run the mess .Mess for ladies & gents will run separately. All trainees are required to take their meals in the mess.Facilities for games including volleyball, badminton, football and table tennis will be provided to the trainees. It is mandatory for all the trainees to take part in the games.

There will be PT class in the morning & games class in the evening for one hour each in which every trainee should compulsorily participate Training on Judo and Karate may also be imparted during the course.

5.laboratory facilities:

Laboratory facilities for Survey, Utilization, Geology and Botany shall be provided. Computer facilities shall be provided to the trainees.

6.Library facilities:

Library facility with adequate no. of books relating to forestry, wildlife and other subjects shall be available. Periodical on forestry & wildlife research shall be available to update the knowledge of trainees on recent development in the field of forestry & wildlife.

7.Teaching faculty:

The teaching faculties include 3 categories
i. Permanent faculties from the Department: There will be permanent faculties in the college of which two shall be in the rank of Dy. CF, six will be in the rank of ACF and three in the rank of Range officers besides the Director of the College in the rank of Conservator of Forests. Out of 2 Dy. C.F, one will be in the charge of administration and the other will look after the necessary arrangements required for academic activities besides taking regular classes. The Dy. C.F in the charge of academic activities will be designated as the Course Director and he/she shall co-ordinate and organise the tours, field visits and academic classes as per the training schedule.

The ACFs will take regular classes and will be in charge of hostels as wardens. The ACFs will also act as mentors for various trainees.
The ROs are required to take practical classes and will also accompany the trainees during field tour and field exercise.
Besides this all the faculties will accompany the trainees during study tour, field exercises & field visits.

ii. Faculties on Contractual Reengagement basis:
Faculties on contractual basis will be engaged through open advertisement. Besides taking regular class, they will accompany the trainees during field visit and exercise & any other work assigned to them by the Director, OFRC. They shall be provided with remunerations and other allowances as per Finance Department Resolution No. And G.A Department resolution to be decided by PCCF, Odisha.

iii. Resource persons from college &Institutes:
Besides regular teaching faculties, resource person from various colleges and Institutes having expertise in the subject will be invited to give lecture on specialized subjects and remunerations to be decided and revised from time to time by the Training Board of Forest Department.

Trainees will be encouraged to organise seminars / presentations on the subject of their specialisation within the broad syllabus as prescribed by DFE. This will also aim to enhance the sphere of knowledge in the fields of forestry, wildlife and environment of local, regional and international importance and also to improve the communication skills of the Trainees. The weightage on this seminar will be a part of overall assessment of conduct during the training. (20 marks)

It is the duty of all the faculties to maintain discipline and conduct in the college campus.